Jesús Carbajal aka Pühlsen is a project that seeks the purest expression of its author, who through sound waves has found and sought strong, heavy and dark rhythms, which are the most faithful representation of the way in which he visualizes the world.

Identifying himself as a DJ and Producer, who is characterized by his dark, intense and provocative sounds.
With a philosophy of constant evolution driven by the love of music, he is emerging as an emerging talent, who has managed to share his work in countries such as:
Hungary (Industrial Phillarmonics), Ukraine (Oxytech Records), Costa Rica (Mission Techno CR), Spain (Muldoon Records), Mexico (Undeground Movements)
And he has shared a booth with great Talent artists such as Espectra Negra, Paulo Av, ALV, Marco A, Mad Albert, Taiki Ozawa, among others …

Techno Underground of quality, with content and in resistance mode!