Ángel Aitor Ochoa Soto, also known as MadMaster, is a young DJ and producer of techno and tech-house music established in Madrid. He began his passion for the world of dj at the age of 16, and at the age of 18 he acquired his first equipment with which he started DJing with vinyl. He begins his first steps with the entry in the radio station RADIO VICIOUS where he would start as a sound technician in the program of Juanjo aka Sampleking and Sebastian Ledher, “Club Atlantic Radio Show", a year he began with his own program in this station “The Sound Of Tomorrow" From this moment he began his career as a DJ playing in different rooms in Madrid, such as the critical room “Moroder club", “the finka club" or even at the “Ifema" fairground with a private party or as opening act for the international reggae group “Green valley” where we demonstrate their versatility by clicking other genres.
He has also played on different radio and podcasts like. Black series, Muusic fm (London), Eefm (Toronto), Late afternoon podcast by Abel Ortiz or with the promoter Alucinapromote.
As a producer in just one year he has managed to publish different record labels such as Dacusan or Vnderstand in (Spain), Eisenwaren (Germany) or Neu Gravity (Turkey); Go out in compilations with artists of the level of Dennis Cruz or Camelphat among others. Among his productions, it is worth highlighting “EL POEMA" with which he was placed in the TOP26 of beatport, in addition to being used by “VIN VEGA" to make a remix. Another of his productions that has stood out the most is “PARARAM" with which it corresponds to be placed as the sixth best song on the label; Both songs were released by the Eisenwaren label..

MadMaster Music.