Mad Albert

Carlos Alberto Robles López (Toluca, Mexico, 1982)
Start mixing in the late 90’s, experimenting with sounds
frescoes of electronic music from that
period, influenced by artists such as Jeff Mills, Cristian Varela, Dj Hell, Visage, Front 242, Dj Rush, Sasha, John Digweed, James Holden to name a few, during his career he consolidates his style, within techno and electro ‘, in a Futuristic aspect, outlined, in addition, by the industrial nature of its own city and its relations with Sci-Fi, video games and other expressions of the electronic counterculture.
The sound of Mad Albert defines a long career with more than 20 years as a DJ, mixing under various facets and aliases, which respond to his definition of a unique style for dance floors and committed listening.
Mixing and producing, he has shared stages and spaces with artists such as Taiki Osawa, Marcelo Castelli, Musik Dealer, Detroit Techno Militia, Paulo AV, Klang, Flatch, Borderline, Clap Club Sound, Saúl Espada, Cuatro Cuartos Bestial Crew, Hamelin, among others. many more.

Pioneer of the electronic scene in his city, he created and was part of the groups Mente en Blanco, Hell Corp and managing, together with Dj Stardrill, the internet radio station Crossfader Undernet Radio, his sound is characteristic and the commitment and technique in his sessions They have led him to mix for different audiences and events in his hometown, Toluca and in different places, parties, spaces and forums in the country.
Just love to play music and make the people feel what i feel …………
Mad Albert is an experienced DJ influenced by the sci-fi and cyberpunk culture of the 80s.
He is currently an important part of UM Underground Movements, a label based in Toluca and creator of the Mad Music collective representing Techno in all its spectrum
Collectives and Labels:

Mad Music
UM Underground Movements
Krank Records
Hell corp.
Black Sounds