DVGK is a Swiss artist and producer based in Lausanne.
As a child, she became familiar with every kind of music, from electro to hard rock,
thanks to her family. But it is only when she discovered The Prodigy at the age of 12 that
she gradually expanded her knowledge in electronic music and developed a real passion for techno music.

At the age of 16, she started to attend a lot of concerts, from Vitalic to The Chemical Brothers,
but it is when she discovered Paula Temple that she really got into hardtechno and acid techno,
and tracked down all artists that would mix live in her region, such as Regal, Slam, Ansome and many more.
Real rave addict and a regular in underground techno clubs, she would always want to discover new techno artists.

It is only recently that she decided to produce her first tracks, influenced by her curiosity for dark techno
that also emerged from her travel in the underground world of Berlin and Amsterdam. Still a student at the university,
she found a balance between her studies and her love for techno, composing dark and industrial tracks for her biggest enjoyment.

DVGK Music.