DRXGJT formerly known as GjinTonic
is a Kosovan DJ/Producer based in Sweden, who begins his career by releasing his music on
Müldøøn Music, label based in Spain.

His interest on music started at an early age.
He studied 10 years of classical music.
While he was studying in Pristina, Kosovo, he discovered underground raves such as Hapësira, Servisorg, BASStore which helped finding his interest in Techno music.
He started his career as a Dj of Deep House/Tech House music, on 2015, and evolved in Techno DJ/Producing one year after.
Influenced by artists such as: SNTS, Vegim, Rebekah, Hel.IV, he started his interest in underground industrial techno.

Working harder every day, to achieve his dream.

Buttons to his networks.

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