Chris Patrick

Chris Patrick is an Austrian DJ and producer based in Vienna.
Grown up in a family of musicians he came in touch with music very early.
During the 90s and his participation at the Love Parade in Berlin he discovered his passion for techno.
Being a „User of Techno" for 10 years he derived a lot of inspiration from DJs like Adam Beyer, Umek and Thomas Schumacher until he started to mix techno himself.
He started 2006 in Graz since the Slovenian border was close and their techno Scene was big at this time.
The weekends offered huge parties with big ones like Sven Väth Umek, DJ Rush and many others.
In 2008 he finally started producing music with Steinberg Software, Roland 303 and FlStudio.
His style, hard deep melodic techno, hooked those who listened and so he became a resident DJ of the underground club Bunker Graz in 2016.
Besides that he turned the tables with DJs like Amelie Lens, Angy Kore, Marusha, Pig&Dan, T78, HellDriver and many others.
Driven from his passion to inspire people he finally started to organize parties himself since 2017 in order to create events where people might
dance, smile, laugh, cry, or feel any emotion in response to his work.

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