Andrés Rendon aka Matt X

Andrés Rendon aka Matt X DJ / Colombian Techno Producer from Medellín, Co-Founder of the Evolve Collective Movement, with 2 years of experience in the production and experimentation of sounds directed at Techno, his music is characterized by being powerful, with hypnotic sounds outside than usual, thus creating dense textures by implementing rhythm bases with movement and energy.

Forcefulness, style, speech and quality are some of the qualities that make up his music.

His musical history relates works under European labels such as: Fabrik Music (Berlin), Bang Le ‘Dex (Chicago), Black Bore Records (Pescara), Bullet Records (Bogotá – Portugal) and Technological Records (Marsala).

He is currently a resident of Oriente’s Crowd collective.

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Andrés Rendon aka Matt X Music.