About us

Müldøøn Músic is a group of passionate about electronic music and its technology, specifically in the branch of Techno sound. On our page we show a great variety of products, such as the musical productions of our collaborators, which reach us from any corner of the planet. A fully international community, and we are very proud of it. Other contents that we offer are the posts about DJ / PRO technologies, where we show which are the most demanded. We offer free content and tools for music production and DJing. There is free and subscription content.

Since 2017 we have come a long way, produced many tracks and developed projects. Now, from our Home Studios we try to develop a space where we can offer quality content to all our followers and collaborators, without making any distinction between amateurs and professionals. At Müldøøn Music we offer the opportunity to belong to an open, friendly and close group. We promote and promote non-profit amateur and professional DJs.

Collective policies:

The clear things.

    • At Müldøøn Music we always try to be as clear as possible. No tricks or surreal promises. Our activity is mainly based on collaboration between producers of electronic music from many parts of the world, where we previously reported in detail the conditions to collaborate with us.
    • We are 100% transparent with the commissions generated by the sale of the works (tracks, ep, album, etc.) of the collaborating artists. Implementing a payment system on our website. Automatic commission, where the collaborating artist can track their sales at all times from their personal area.
    • All sales generated are, until now, the source of income to support this website and its development. Such as domain, hosting, maintenance, development and activity expenses. It can also lead to promotional expenses, offers and gifts.
    • As we have previously said, we are not a business or company, nor distributors. We are currently expanding and we have the minimum means necessary to
      maintain activity. A task that with great enthusiasm and dedication we develop for all lovers of electronic music, specifically Techno in all its aspects. Despite our low budget, we try to offer the lowest prices on the market and somehow make it more affordable for everyone.
    • We are open to any type of complaint that may arise, opening channels of dialogue where we can understand each other and find a practical solution to the problem.
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